A good website is your best salesperson.

A website should be more than brochureware. It should actively engage your customers, even before they ever speak to a real rep.

If your website can anticipate your customer’s needs it will grow your business and enhance your customer’s experience.

How we do it.

Excellent design that doesn’t sacrifice functionality.

An aesthetically pleasing design creates a positive response in people’s brains. Good design directly affects your bottom line, producing more leads, inspires prospects, and reassures customer intent.

A delightful experience.

We make websites reliable, functional, and enjoyable to engage your customer at every point of their need. When they are delighted and their needs are addressed, they come away impressed by your brand. You’ve done something for them.

A clear call to action that guides your customers.

You get what you ask for. And if your site asks nothing of your visitors, that’s what you’ll get—nothing. Zero engagement. We don’t let that happen. Everything we do is designed to guide your prospect through the journey of becoming your customer.

Website redesign for Great Waters Financial.

We needed Coefficient when we were figuring out how to talk about ourselves and our brand. They truly are partners when it comes to thinking about our business and how to improve it.

Michael Palumbo

Michael Palumbo

CEO, Great Waters Financial

Built for you and your customer.

We don’t rely on a one size fits all approach, every website we create is custom-made from the ground up. With a custom website, you can rest assured that your web presence will be a true representation of your brand. Your new website will be designed to meet the needs of your customers as well as the needs of your team.

Our Process

The Coefficient Digital team having a client meeting.


In this three-hour meeting, our teams gather to learn everything there is to know about your business. Using the client questionnaire you fill out prior to this meeting we gather all requirements needed and clarify the timelines and milestones to track. At the end of the meeting, we have all we need to begin redesigning your website.

A client discovery session


To make your website a successful project, we first need to understand the landscape in which your business exists. We research your business from a design, marketing, and search perspective and we present our findings to you in this stage.

Website design and developments

Wireframe & Content

In this stage, we are laying the foundation for your website. We’ll determine the pages required, the layout of each page, and decide on additional assets the website needs. Once the wireframes are approved, we begin writing the content.

Website design


Taking all that we’ve learned and done so far, we transform the approved wireframes into a custom, high-fidelity representation of your website.

Website development


As we build your website, we ensure your website looks and performs excellently on all modern browsers and devices. Throughout development, we’ll have internal reviews to find and fix any bugs.

An ads reporting dashboard.


Once the built website is approved by you, we push the site to your live domain. We monitor the launch for any issues and train you on how to use the content management system.

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