Innovate new digital offerings to grow your revenue.

We help you discover the opportunities to innovate new digitally delivered offerings that enhance your brand and your revenue.

You have untapped revenue potential you may not even be considering. Many companies offering hard goods and services, particularly those with a high number of sales transactions, can create another revenue channel – delivered entirely online.

How we do it.


We start with a series of executive interviews and a two-day workshop to review your current offerings, market segments, and brand promise. We’ll help you identify the ideal profile of a new digital offering for your business and create a scorecard from which to evaluate potential offerings.

Find & Filter

Working with your designated team, we will ideate and evaluate successive potential digital products, enabling you to identify and select the best fit for your business. Each will be filtered through a series of determined product selection criteria to ensure that we fulfill your objectives, until one to three final candidate offerings emerge.

Business Case Development

Those potential product ideas that have made it through the selection process, will be further scrutinized with a business case analysis. This enables you to understand the marketing efforts, the development costs, and the revenue expectations for the high probability products developed in the Find & Filter stage.


Once we have alignment on the optimal product, we begin designing and developing the product itself. Working with a team of UX designers we’ll prototype every section of the product, conduct user testing, and build the final product. In addition to creating the product, we will oversee the production of the website, create all the sales components from content to ads for an effective product launch.

Launch & On-Going Management

Once development is complete, we help get your product to market, overseeing all steps in the marketing process and sales automation. This enables you to onboard and provide customers with the best support and service while continually seeing your product grow. On-going, we’ll optimize all marketing channels from SEO to paid media and report on our progress and recommendations on a monthly basis.

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