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Ambitious water heater installer based in Minneapolis, MN.

The starting line.

  1. Water Heaters Now is an ambitious water heater installer based in Minneapolis, MN. They are focused on growth and drive to make a bigger impact. They partnered with us to grow faster.
  2. We were first approached by Water Heaters Now while they were working with another digital marketing agency.
  3. They felt like growth had plateaued and they weren’t sure if it was the market or the agency. (It wasn’t the market.) Their objective was to get their Paid Media campaigns to perform more effectively to get more water heater installations.
  4. We audited their existing campaigns and identified many areas of opportunity. The design and messaging on the website weren’t differentiated from other water heater installers.
  5. The only challenge was that the current agency had them locked down with their website. They couldn’t walk away from the agency’s paid media services and own their own site without significant charges.
  6. So we rebuilt their marketing from the ground up.
A Water Heaters Now tech unloading a water heater.

Crafting the message.

Before we built any marketing assets, we met with Ray Snesrud, CEO of Water Heaters Now, and his team to propose a new messaging strategy. Throughout that process, we outlined new messaging for testing on both the website and in campaigns. Together, we came up with a new brand promise that would distinguish them from other companies:

Same-day install if you call before 2 pm.

This messaging was implemented throughout their entire site and all ads. As a result of the new messaging, there’s been an incredible 75% increase in sales and their cost per conversion reduced 125% for all lead generation efforts.

Building the website.

Once the brand messaging was defined, we built an entirely new website from scratch. We created a sitemap based on high-intent search terms so that the website would capture converting traffic at launch. We then moved to wireframe, design, write, and develop the website.

Water Heaters Now techs unloading a water heater.

Google advertising.

We rebuilt the Google Ads account for Water Heaters Now with entirely new ads, landing pages, and messaging. We also integrated call and form tracking so that we’d have accurate conversion tracking. During our implementation process, we discovered that the previous agency had been misattributing advertising conversions to include organic conversions. This helped make the agency look good, but hurt Water Heaters Now’s paid media efforts because Google wasn’t able to fully optimize the account due to bad data.

In the year we’ve been working with Ray and his team, we’ve driven down the cost per conversion by 125% from the previous agency's benchmarked performance.

Marketing technology.

As our paid media efforts matured, we determined it was vital to gain an understanding of how the ad spend actually resulted in closed business. But the challenge was they used a variety of disparate systems to track leads and jobs closed. We integrated with their payments processor, CRM, and call tracking so that we can get a true return on advertising spend based on true revenue. Our goal was to get the most accurate tracking possible for a sale. We are able to show which specific ad we’re running directly resulted in a sale. This type of tracking allows an unprecedented amount of specificity and certainty when it comes to determining how to go about marketing and how to prioritize the marketing budget. This is what we mean by “true return on ad spend”. This system required minor operational changes but provides us and Water Heaters Now with actionable data on what searches, keywords, and marketing efforts result in business.

A Water Heaters Now tech standing in from of a company van.

Creating content to drive visitors.

We started implementing SEO best practices on the site to boost traffic through blogging, internal linking, and technical optimization. Our efforts resulted in a 98.95% increase in organic website visitors. Our monthly blogs continue to drive new visitors to their site and the massive uptick in organic traffic has allowed Ray to take advantage of the national traffic they’re now seeing.



Quarter-on-quarter revenue growth


Reduction in cost per conversion since signing on


Quarter over quarter increase in average click through rate


Quarter over quarter increase in total clicks


Quarter over quarter increase in organic visitors

“We’re growing faster than we ever have thanks to Coefficient. We feel like they are true partners in our business."

Ray Snesrud

Ray Snesrud

Owner, Water Heaters Now

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