Surface Renew

Fast growing bathtub and countertop resurfacer based in the Twin Cities.

The starting line.

  1. Surface Renew is a fast growing bathtub and countertop resurfacer based in the Twin Cities. They are focused on modernizing and improving their business operations. With these two goals in mind, we partnered with them to improve their operation efficiencies.

Get visibility

The leadership at Surface Renew didn’t know if advertising was working, where leads were coming from, or how to prioritize their ad spend. Running a business in the dark is far from ideal. We worked with them to establish call tracking, ad tracking, form tracking, and establish a CRM to deliver weekly reports that outline the performance of the business. This brought light to their marketing strategy and gave them more action steps to follow up on as they continue to modernize their business.

Optimize the campaigns

The improvement in reporting enabled us to continue to optimize their Google Ads campaigns. We focused the ad spend on campaigns that were driving the most leads and most customers. This enabled us to get more accurate analytics on conversions which resulted in driving down the cost per conversion by 26.6%. That decrease enabled us to generate on average an additional 20 to 25 leads for Surface Renew each month for the same ad spend. The business grew quickly. So much so that the owner asked us to “slow down”.



Additional new leads each month with same ad spend


Reduction in cost per conversion since signing on

“I had to ask them to slow down because we were getting too many leads”

Doug Dybing

Owner, Surface renew

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