Great Waters Financial

Financial services company focused on helping people near retirement live a life they are proud of even before they retire.

The starting line.

  1. Great Waters Financial is a financial services company focused on helping people near retirement live a life they are proud of even before they retire.
  2. We started working with them in 2016 and for the past five years as they’ve consistently been on the Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies.
  3. From the beginning, we helped them shape their brand identity under the brand promise of Live Greatly, helped them gain a distinctive position in the market, conceived and designed advertising to promote their services, and built a powerfully engaging and top-ranked website.

Where We Started

When we started working with Great Waters Financial, the brand, website, and competitive position were undifferentiated from other firms. Their generic website and identity made it difficult to communicate what made them different from other financial service firms.

We helped them create a more differentiated and elevated brand experience.

Brand Promise Development

We started through a brand promise strategy workshop, in which we developed the brand promise of Live Greatly. Through the workshop and learning about Great Waters, we found that the primary objective of the business is to equip and enable people to Live Greatly. This encompasses both employees and clients.

Great Waters Financial brand image

A Fresh Look.

From there, we developed the identity, logos, and collateral. We worked with their team to develop an identity system that was elegant and bespoke feeling, while staying approachable.


The scope of their redesign was massive. We’ve done everything on their site from the color palette to the messaging. Their site was developed on a new, modern platform. With it, we were able to completely reimagine the design and features on their site. Together, we built something that fits their company far better than what they had before. Blogging, more prominent calls to action, reputable callouts, and team pages with photos are just some of the strategic features we’ve added to the new website. We’ve had a hand in all the content and images on their site and we continue to update it for whatever needs they have. But we didn’t just stick to building a powerful website but led the charge to rebuild their online go to market, addressing all sales materials, advertising, marketing technology, and online lead generation activities.

With their new website and identity, they’ve grown aggressively since 2016, averaging a compound annual growth rate of 18%.

Services Provided


Identity Design

Website Creation

Content Creation

Marketing Technology

SEO & Blogging

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