Work with us

Director of Content Strategy

This full-time role might be for you if you love to dig into the psychology of what causes people to do things. The Director of Content Strategy rules all of our copy. They have an intimate understanding of each of our clients, their values, and their markets and are responsible for developing the Personas, Buyer Journeys and Brand Voice for our clients. They oversee the copywriting team and ensure quality products are delivered to our clients.  The Director of Content Strategy sets the pace for content innovation, recommending approaches, media, and concepts that will drive our clients’ growth.  

What your day might look like:
  • You’re working with clients to understand their brand voice and to develop a content vision and strategy.
  • You’re creating the core value propositions and key selling messages which will drive future content development.
  • You’re managing the team of content professionals, reviewing their work, offering suggestions, and formulating ways to improve the quality of our content creation activities.
  • You're involved in developing content for our clients and ourselves.
  • You’re ensuring that everything we do matches the brand voice for the client.
  • You’re shaping the overall business growth strategies with recommendations on how to increase sales velocity.
  • You’re researching keywords for client SEO and content ideas.
How you’d know you’re doing a good job:
  • You’re consistently reviewing client accounts and identifying new opportunities for improvement.
  • You’re inquisitive and trying different approaches to determine what works and what doesn’t with A/B tests and emails.
  • You’re thinking up new content ideas, new ways to communicate and change how we’re doing it today.
  • You’re working with Creatives and Strategists to develop best-practices and guides for future clients as we scale.
  • You’re discovering new ways for our clients to rank for search terms.
What we’d (ideally) like you to be good at:
  • Writing! Especially business writing with a sales flair.
  • Good brand thinking and having worked with establishing/nurturing brands.
  • Superb interpersonal skills. You will be highly engaging with clients.
  • Positive, can-do, demeanor.
  • Self-starter and innovative to come up with new ideas to explore and implement.
  • High-level of professionalism and a personal pursuit of excellence.
  • High EQ.
The values we’d share:
  • Partnership. We see our clients as our partners and we work as a team collaboratively.
  • Clarity. Our entire aim is to bring clarity to digital marketing to our clients.
  • Straightforward. We communicate in a straight-forward manner to our team and our clients. No Minnesota passive-aggressivity here.
  • Growth. We’re obsessed with growth. Growth for our clients, growth for our business, and growth for each member of the team.
  • Exceptional. We don’t stand for creating sub-par work. And you don’t either.
  • Responsiveness. We are quick to respond to our clients, and our team, and you are too.
Why we’re fun to work with:
  • We’re quickly growing.
  • Our clients trust us.
  • We’re constantly experimenting.
  • We like challenges. We push ourselves, and appropriately, our clients.
  • We like to hang out together during and after work.
  • We like good food. Cocktails. And the non-gluten free (one might call them “normal”) people like beer.